Can I pay for hourly day care?
No, we do not offer childcare on an hourly basis.
Our minimum requirement is 2 half sessions (or two full days).
Contact the nursery to discuss your specific requirements.

Can I provide a packed lunch for my child as they are a fussy eater?
Unfortunately, we do not allow food or packed lunches to be supplied for children attending nursery; mainly due to the many allergies. We do provide a healthy and varied menu. We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and a variety of snacks throughout the day. If your child has specific dietary requirements or is simply a ‘fussy’ eater, our staff team will work with you to ensure your child’s needs are met.

Do I need to pay extra for meals and snacks while my child is at nursery?
For the children that are not funded, No, you do not need to pay extra for meals and snacks, as these are all inclusive within the fees. However, the children that are funded would need to pay for meal costs. For more information please contact the nursery.

Do you offer creche facilities?
No, we do not offer creche facilities in our nursery.

Do you provide Nappies?
We do not provide nappies, parents are requested to supply their own along with wipes and nappy creams.

Does your nursery have a garden facility?
Yes! Our nursery has an outdoor space that is fully equipped to allow children to explore and have fun outdoors. Resources are always available outdoors to occupy young minds and extend learning opportunities to the outdoor environment too!

Do I get sibling discount?
Yes! We offer sibling discount for the siblings that attend 5 days a week and where funding is not applicable.

How will I know if my child is settling in to nursery life?
We know that when your child starts nursery, it can be an emotional time, not only for them but also for you. To give you peace of mind before your child starts nursery, we do offer settling in sessions, which will allow you to see how your child settles and interacts with the fantastic staff team and other children in nursery.
We also assign all children a Key Worker before their start date, who will keep you fully informed about your child’s progress at nursery; you will receive updates at the end of each day your child is in nursery to let you know what activities they have done, what they have drank and eaten that day and what they have enjoyed.

Do you offer early drop off and late pick?
We do offer early drop off and late pick up for parents at an additional charge. Please speak to the nursery for details.