School Transition

We as a nursery will actively discuss during circle times and activity times the importance of school and what this will mean for your child. The Practitioners will work with your child to ensure they receive the emotional support to deal with the change, all while continuing to ensure they are meeting their early learning goals which will support their learning journey through school.

Transitions can be a difficult time for many children and it is important to understand that every child is different and that some are more vulnerable than others. Creating a smooth transition into school is vital to ensuring that your child gets the best possible start in their new setting. Practitioners, parents, teachers, teaching assistants play an important part in supporting your child’s transition. As practitioners, it is our role to make the transition as easy as possible and hopefully an enjoyable experience for your child.

It is crucial to ensure that the school is aware of any individual needs that your child may have, so the teacher has knowledge of where your child is at developmentally in order to plan an appropriate curriculum and support for your child. Once the nursery has been told which school your child will be attending the nursery will invite the teacher into the setting to discuss your child. We will also give an opportunity to arrange a transition meeting where key worker, parents and teacher can meet and openly discuss your child’s needs.