Parents as partners

As early years practitioners it is crucial to maintain and promote partnership with parents in order to help support the children’s development. Here at The Little Honey Bees Day Nursery we pride ourselves on maintaining a close relationship with our parents to ensure all the children thrive with us at nursery. We understand the importance of extending that home environment to give the children consistency throughout and to maintain a good foundation for their learning.

Upon joining us at The Little Honey Bees Day Nursery each child will be allocated a member of staff known to the parent and child as your child’s Key worker they will have knowledge and understanding on how children learn and develop and will have the unique understanding of what your child’s currents interests and needs are.

The relationship between the key worker, child and parent will begin on day one of your child’s setting in sessions. In order to build an attachment between your child and their key worker it is important your child recognises your acceptance of the key worker which will lead your child into having secure confidence in their relationship with their key worker.

 At The Little Honey Bees Day Nursery we understand that parents know their child best and we will work in partnership with the parent to ensure we have all current information needed to settle and build upon your child’s learning and development. Engaging in conversations with your child’s key worker can often produce useful information about new interests or experiences that can be used to plan exciting and challenging learning opportunities at nursery and further create activity ideas that can be shared with parents to do at home.

We recognise parents can become very busy and it may not always be possible to engage in a daily conversation with your child’s key worker but here at The Little Honey Bees Day Nursery we have put in place tools to support a regular two way flow of communication such as Baby Day’s app, newsletters, phone calls and emails. Parents evenings and meetings take place regularly and provide opportunities for your child’s key worker to share observations, assessments and planning with parents and to be able to listen and respond to any thoughts or questions you may have.

The nursery also hold social gatherings such as coffee mornings and fund raisers throughout the year. These are also good ways to build strong and happy relationships between the parents and the nursery through having fun.